Intellectual Virtues Academy Of Long Beach

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Graduation Requirements

The Academy students are required to complete the following:

*Each semester course = 5 credits
Area of Study Academy Requirements UC/CSU Requirements
A. Social Studies/History 3 years
2 years
B. English 4 years 4 years
C. Mathematics 3 years (4 years recommended) 3 years
D. Laboratory Science 3 years (4 years recommended) 2 years
E. World Language 2 years (3 years recommended) 2 years of the same language
F. The Arts 1 year (2 years offered) 1 year
G. College Preparatory Elective 1 year 1 year
Cornerstone Humanities Courses 3 years 0
Electives 3 years 0
Physical Education 2 years 0
Advisory 4 years 0
Total required credits 240 credits minimum 150 credits

Intellectual Virtues ACADEMY Accelerated Studies Program (AASP):

ACADEMY students are encouraged to rise to the challenge of the AASP. By taking these courses, our students can stand out among other college applicants by communicating to college admissions deans their desire and ability to successfully complete advanced coursework.


Our College Counselor and Advisors play an important role in guiding students each year to map out course selections that meet the prerequisites for the desired AASP courses.


The following are courses offered within AASP:

AASP Honors Courses (Grade) AASP Advanced Placement Courses (Grade)
Honors English (10) AP English Literature (11 & 12)
Honors Algebra II (9) AP World History (10)
Honors Geometry (10) AP US History (11)
Honors Trig/Pre-Calculus (11) AP Macro Econ (12)
Honors Conceptual Physics (9) AP Calculus AB (12)
Honors Spanish II (10) AP Biology (10)
Honors Spanish III (11) AP Chemistry (11)
  AP Physics (12)
  AP Spanish