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Student Projects » Illness Project

Illness Project

Essential Questions

How does bacteria and virus' get you sick?

How do you get better? 

How can you prevent getting sick? 


Project Description

Each student or PAIR will choose a disease caused by a bacteria or virus and complete one of the following projects:

  1. Make a “WANTED” poster.
  2. Use 8.5” by 11” paper or larger.  Poster board is max size.  ONE sided.
  3. Color is a must.
  4. Make an informational pamphlet, flyer, or brochure.  (flyers would be one-sided)
  5. . Use 8.5” by 11” paper in trifold form (for pamphlet).
  6. Color is a must.
  7. Make a 3D model of your bacteria or virus.
  8. . Major parts must be labeled.
  9. Model must be larger than a softball but smaller than a basketball.
  10. Must be accompanied by written report (see report info below)
  11. Make an informational video/i-movie.
  12. . 3 minutes minimum and 5 minutes maximum
  13. Needs to be more than a “talking head”.
  14. Make a PowerPoint presentation. 15 slides minimum



The project should include the following information:

  1. Disease name (1 pt)
  2. Genus species name of organism (1 pt)
  3. At least ONE photo (enlarged microscopic picture) or drawing. (3 pts.)
  4. Description of the microorganism (characteristics such as shape, organelles, motion, energy type (auto or hetero), oxygen requirements, reproduction, any special or unique characteristics) (3 pts.)
  5. How does the microorganism attack or transmits its disease? (2 pts.)
  6. What kind of victims do the microorganisms attack?  (2 pts.)
  7. What are the symptoms or injuries done by the disease?  (2 pts.)
  8. Is the microorganism considered dangerous? Rate the degree of damage done by this microorganism on a scale from 1 to 5 (1 = some discomfort to 5 = death).  (2 pts.)
  9. How many victims does the microorganism infect per year/day/hour?  (2 pts.)
  10. Is there any preventative measure, immunity or vaccine against the disease? How does one avoid ever getting it?? (2 pts.)
  11. What is the most effective treatment if you have the disease? (2 pts.)
  12. Works Cited Page