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Student Projects » What Makes Me Me Project

What Makes Me Me Project

Essential Question
What makes me me
Project Overview 

Leading up to this project, students investigated social metaphysics through engagement with concepts like socialization, social identity, intersectionality, erasure, and oppression. This was not merely an academic exercise, but also an investigation of their own standpoint within the complex of socialization, social identity, and interaction. To further comprehend this, we aimed to illustrate our own identities through artistic expression.


Project Description 

For the “What Makes Me Me Self Portrait”, students are asked to reflect on their own identities and create a visual representation in their self-image. “Self- portrait” is take somewhat loosely here…


This project will ask students to be self-reflective, open-minded, critical, and creative. The process will involve 4 steps:


  • Identity inventory & brainstorming / sketching (15 points)
  • Reconnaissance - “Collage” (15 points)
  • Critical reflection - Written responses (20 points)
  • Realization - Final self-portrait (50 points)