Intellectual Virtues Academy: Public High School

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Founding Director's Message


The mission of the Intellectual Virtues Academy is to foster meaningful growth in those personal qualities essential to thinking well by creating an academic environment that is thoughtful, challenging, and supportive.  I welcome you to learn about the Academy, and to rethink the exciting possibilities of a rigorous and contemplative 21st Century curriculum.

The hallmark of the Academy classroom experience is student engagement: we care not just about what each of our students accomplish, but also how they do so.  Colleges and employers are increasingly seeking individuals who can think well: critically, creatively, and with the capacity for self-growth.  We know that growth in such intellectual virtues requires an encouraging, supportive environment.  At the Academy, there are smaller class sizes, smaller school environment, and more school counselors per student than many private schools.  

We also are well aware of the research that demonstrates that no other in school factor is more important to our students’ success than great teachers, and thus we are proud of our faculty that has demonstrated such success in their teaching careers prior to joining the Academy, including most of whom who have taught at the college and university level.  They are well poised to implement a college preparatory curriculum and take advantage of the Academy’s many university research partnerships.

High school is also a place where one should be able to look back on as a positive and enriching time in their lives. Unlike other large high school options where such opportunities are limited because of the competition of thousands of other students for limited spots, at the Academy, students are limited by only their interest.  We encourage our students to make their mark, and build a legacy for future Academy students to enjoy.  Our students are partners in the process of building a school, a creative opportunity few others will experience in their academic lives.


James J. McGrath - Founding Director