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Supporting Student Use of Technology

T#INK: Technology #Innovative Knowledge, is the Academy's technology program. We are dedicated to equipping students to think, creatively, critically, and well, by teaching students how to use technology resources responsibly, collaboratively, and with effective communication. Our goal is offer the resources, textbooks, and materials for student learning that can adapt and change with the best practices, and ever changing nature of the world's information to inspire individual's to their fullest potential. Increased access to electronic information and communication brings new levels of opportunity, as well as responsibility, to the school community. The power of these systems lies in their ease of use and ability to connect instantly to a growing host of global resources. 




























Part of the $375,000 PCSGP start-up grant we received was allocated to providing our students with the technology to develop 21st Century skills; therefore our classrooms will be supported by a fast wireless internet. Students can access a "nearly" paperless education through Google Classroom, which will foster critical thinking, collaboration, and agility.  Parents will be able to access their student's classroom information in real time, and utilize students Google Chrome books to stay involved in daily activities.


We are a one-to-one technology school. Every student receives their own Google Chrome book for the academic year, connecting all of our students to the world's resources and information. This allows for a significant amount of our curricular materials to be cloud-based supported with appropriate textbooks. This widespread access allows students to check out the Academy devices, use their home or mobile devices, and/or utilize the public access points to continue their learning. The Academy will be using a small group instructional approach. The realm of digital curriculum is constantly expanding, and there will likely be very different options available by the time we are a fully populated 9-12 grade high school.