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Supporting Your Child's Learning

Family Guide to Supporting Your Child

We provide a supportive academic environment in many ways, especially through growth mindsets: being optimistic about the potential for personal growth, we embrace challenges and regard failure as an opportunity to learn and improve. It is the Academy’s goal to provide good communication with parents (newsletters, website, Illuminate, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter). Please come in and talk with your child’s teacher or any of our administration to discuss concerns. The Academy will communicate regularly through newsletters and will post relevant information on the website. Please keep contact information up-to-date to facilitate effective communication.

WEBSITE: www.academylongbeach.org

GRADES: Illuminate https://ivalongbeach.illuminatehc.com (logins will be provided)

FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/AcademyLBHS

INSTAGRAM: www.instagram/AcademyLBHS

We are a digital school and communicate most frequently using this platform. If you would like to request paper copies to be mailed home, please visit the Front Office.


Tips for Healthy Parents 

10 Ways to Keep Your Teen On Track.

Helping with Homework

Helping Your Teen Decide What To Do After High School


Healthy Teen Links


Self Esteem

Stress and Coping

Understanding Your Emotions


Empower Your Child

We do not shelter students from academic challenge, but equip them to utilize resources in order to learn. Help empower your student to follow these steps:


1st Step: Encourage your student to meet with teachers during their office hours during the school day.

  • Come prepared with questions and/or assignments to work on- for extra accountability.
  • Encourage your child to stay after school for study hall.


2nd Step: Access Resources at Home

  • Google Classroom- Teachers use this to communicate changes to assignments, post pictures of class notes, provide quick feedback on assignments and posting additional resources used during class and resources for further exploration. Students will log in with their academy email address.
  • Illuminate- Teachers use Illuminate use post graded assignments. Students should check this to see if they need to make up any assignment or make sure an assignment was turned in for the teachers to grade. Students login with a Student ID username academylongbeach.org/resources/illuminate-login.
  • Syllabus: Big Picture Curriculum and Instruction Policies

3rd Step: Connect with Teacher

  • Email teacher to practice our values of asking questions, seeking understanding, and striving for a strong sense of community marked by intentional openness and respect for others. Students can copy parents on communication.
  • Request a student, parent, teacher conference: It helps to involve the students and teacher voice at the same time.



You are welcome to visit your child’s classroom at any time. Please make arrangements with the Front Office and your child’s teacher. Please arrange the visit ahead of time and check in at the office before proceeding to class.