Intellectual Virtues Academy: Public High School

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The Academy’s weekly Advisory program provides a safe and small classroom environment to develop intellectual and social character, as well as developing a roadmap to college and career.

Advisory is also focused on exploration, goal-setting, and actions towards developing personal plans for college or career

Teachers nurture students’ character development through conversation, relationship-building, goal-setting, structured reflection, team counseling exercises, and personal encouragement.

Students develop supportive relationships with adults they trust, as well as with their peers. These relationships are foundational to fostering intellectual courage, in anticipation of increasing academic rigor and evolving social networks. Advisory is also focused on exploration, goal setting, and developing personal plans for college or career.

Our program integrates academic support, team building, multicultural programs, community involvement, activities that incorporate higher-level thinking, and communication skills. The small advisory group setting creates opportunities for students to practice open-mindedness, be curious, and explore their own identities. In the process, students make connections to others and cultivate a sense of self—academically, emotionally, and socially.