Intellectual Virtues Academy: Public High School

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Commitment to Equity

Our Promise

The Academy seeks to reflect the increasingly diverse world in which our students live. We embrace and are committed to fostering and sustaining a learning community that does not discriminate based on race, color, ancestry, national/ethnic origin, age, sex, sexual orientation, religion, gender identity, physical and/or learning differences, socioeconomic status, as well as other characteristics that construct our unique human identities. Our goal is to create a respectful and responsive community where each member is valued and supported.

In order to achieve this goal, we:

  • Actively recruit and support students, teachers, and staff from diverse backgrounds.
  • Foster confident self-identity while building empathy and relationships with people from diverse backgrounds.
  • Commit ourselves to an anti-bias agenda that celebrates diversity and challenges inequality and all forms of bias.
  • Empower students as leaders to stand up for themselves and others to create a more just world.
  • Implement several educational and support programs to develop students’ empathy and appreciation of one another.


We understand the reflection, dedication, and perseverance necessary to meet our goal. We believe meeting this challenge will make us stronger as individuals and as a community.

The Academy welcomes any incoming 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th grade students to apply. We believe in an equitable learning opportunity for all students; therefore do not require a minimum GPA or High School Index. Our application process is based on a public lottery which will occur in mid-February.

Our school services students with disabilities in the least restricted environment. The Academy applies all legal non-discrimination standards in the administration of its educational policies, admission policies, financial aid, employment, and in all school programs and activities.