Intellectual Virtues Academy: Public High School

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Master Virtues


Curiosity: a disposition to wonder, ponder, and ask why. A thirst for understanding and a desire to explore.

Slogan: Ask questions!


Open-Mindedness: an ability to think outside the box. Gives a fair and honest hearing to competing perspectives.

Slogan: Think outside the box!


Intellectual Courage: a readiness to persist in thinking or communicating in the face of fear, including fear of embarrassment or failure. 

Slogan: Take risks!



Intellectual Attentiveness: a readiness to stay focused and on task. Notices and attends to important details.

Slogan: Look and listen!


Intellectual Carefulness: a sensitivity to the requirements of good thinking. Quick to notice and avoid intellectual pitfalls and mistakes. 

Slogan: Avoid errors!


Intellectual Thoroughness: a willingness to probe for deeper meaning and understanding. Unsatisfied with mere appearances or easy answers. 

Slogan: Go deep!



Intellectual Autonomy: a capacity for active, self-directed thinking. An ability to think and reason for oneself.

Slogan: Think for yourself! 


Intellectual Humility: a willingness to own up to one’s intellectual limitations and mistakes. Unconcerned with intellectual status or prestige.

Slogan: Admit what you don’t know!


Intellectual Tenacity: a willingness to embrace intellectual challenge and struggle. Keeps its “eyes on the prize” and doesn’t give up. 

Slogan: Embrace struggle!


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